Welcome to Oltré Global

Where we understand the need to be the strongest, fittest and fastest! Therefore we strive to offer you high quality sports equipment and apparel that will meet that very desire. Partner with us for all your Gymnastics, Crossfit or Boxing equipment and lets set the standard.


Gymnastics // AirTrack

The Oltre Global AirTrack gear is well-suited for gymnastics clubs of all sizes. Its swift installation and setup make it an excellent choice for tumbling practice, whether in small or large spaces.

Home Fitness Equipment

Oltre Global produces top-quality fitness equipment suitable for both small and large gym facilities, as well as home fitness setups.

Obstacle Equipment

Oltre stands at the forefront of providing premium Obstacle Training Equipment, including a comprehensive range such as the Obstacle Block, Obstacle Slanted Step, Obstacle Pillar, Obstacle Hedge, and the Obstacle Single Bench.